European Youth Parliament Greece

Sofia Zafeiriou
Salaminos 10, 54625, Thessaloniki, Greece
Contact: Sofia Zafeiriou, President
+30 6945 521 848  
+30 210 7719967
Presentation of the National Committee:
EYP-Greece was started as an initiative on 1989 and was officially founded in Thessaloniki on 1992. Since then we have been organising 2 National Selection Conferences per year, one in Thessaloniki and one in Athens. We have also organised 4 International Sessions of the EYP (Thessaloniki 1989, Thessaloniki 1997, Athens 2000 and Athens 2011).
Upcoming Events:
24th National Selection Conference, Thessaloniki 16-18 December 2011
Number of members: 120
Logo of National Committee
Picture of National Committees activities

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